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Getting Started

The first step is to get the team or team lead on board – make sure they know why they are doing this!  If you are running SAP as a stand-alone project (rather than a Trust-wide programme) then it is a good idea to get senior support as well – this may prove useful when you come to implement your action plan. Use the “senior stakeholder” information to help you.

Next, decide who needs to be involved: can the whole staff attend both workshops, or would it be better for a smaller team to work on SAP and feed back to the wider group? If possible, get a good mix of people: don’t forget the domestic staff, and consider inviting some patients to take part, too. You can now get some workshop dates in the diary, and use the Workshop 1 pre-questionnaire to start people thinking about their priorities.

Download information for team members
Download SAP pre-questionniare


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